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Landlord Services in Riverside, CA

Make things easier on yourself by trusting Real Property Management Integrity for comprehensive landlord services in Riverside, CA. We know how challenging your job can be. Let us reduce the workload and stress for you. We'll manage all of the details while you focus on matters that are important to you. From locating quality tenants to addressing property maintenance and accounting issues, we do it all.

Providing Customized Landlord Services for Your Peace of Mind

Do you have a demanding tenant? You don't have to let one or more renters consume your time. Turn to our property management company for assistance. We relieve your burden and give you more time for other things. By screening potential renters and finding qualified ones to addressing all other aspects of property management, we make your job so much easier. Whether you have only one rental property or several, it can become overwhelming when unexpected or difficult matters arise. By relying on our company for landlord services, we ensure you reap the reward of rental property ownership without the added stress. Some of the services we provide include: 

  • Collecting Rent
  • Providing Property Maintenance
  • Handling Evictions
  • Offering Accounting Services
  • Inspecting Properties
  • Locating & Screening Tenants

Team Member Providing Landlord Services in Riverside, CA

Why You Need Us for Landlord Services

Fill your vacant rental property fast by turning to us for landlord services. After all, you lose money each day your rental is not leased. In addition to addressing the day-to-day duties of your business, we also advertise for you if you have vacancies. From standard advertising and rental property showings to customized advertising and marketing videos, we are able to quickly fill vacancies with qualified tenants.

It's easy to find a reliable renter when you rely on our team. Instead of placing an ad, conducting a background check, or showing your property yourself, we'll do everything for you. Most importantly, we ensure the quality of our services by offering a 30-day guarantee. After your property is rent-ready, if we do not locate a qualified within 30 days, you pay nothing!

Thorough Tenant Screening

A problematic tenant not only presents a risk of default, but causes considerable stress for you. Avoid the problem altogether by using us for thorough tenant screenings. We use a comprehensive screening system to determine a potential renter's financial stability and clean background. Our thorough screening complies with all applicable laws, including the Fair Housing and Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Contact us to learn more about our special guarantees and pricing. We proudly serve customers in Riverside, Corona, Eastvale, Jurupa Valley, and Ontario, California, as well as the surrounding areas.